Bullettime Racing


Bullet Time Racing (short BTR) is a evolutionary racing game. An iterative track system allows you to start new tracks, upload them and share them with the community. But be aware: The tracks will change as other players drive them. The more iterations, the better and faster the tracks will be!

Be creative – together

You start with a landscape without any streets and as you are the first you define a small path as you drive. After a few iterations there will be a small road. After more iterations there will be houses. At the end there will be cities, jumps, powerups, highways and much more! You define the future!

Smooth gameplay

You are the master of your car. If you want to drift, then do it! No need for brakes! Race as fast as you can to get the winner of the iteration and submit your changes of the track!

Customize everything

Unlock new cars, skins, parts, tracks, elements, colors, powerups, esthetics and much more! Customize your car, improve the tracks as you want it and show your stuff to other players by displaying it in your profile.

Unlimited content

You want to drive through midages? Then do it! You like space? Then create a map on the moon! Every environment has its own difficulties and play styles.

Play where you want

Log in where you want with the device you want. Start playing on your tablet and continue playing on the PC or your Mac. All your progress is synched in our cloud. Don’t lose your progress anymore!


  • Cross Plattform!
  • Simple but challenging car physics!
  • Create tracks by driving them! Endless improvements!
  • Customize your car, unlock new parts and adopt to different tracks!
  • Indefinite number of tracks!


Bayerische Staatsregierung

FFF Bayern

Projektstatus: Prototyp