Using InstaLOD for Level Of Detail generation in Windstorm – The Game

When creating a game, being able to increase the speed and efficiency at which various tasks are done is essential to a successful production. One of the more time-consuming tasks in asset production is definitely Level of Detail (LOD) generation, taking up hours or sometimes days of work for a single asset, depending on its complexity. While generating LOD’s is … Read More

Race.a.bit now available on Steam

Race.a.bit is now available for Windows PC, MAC and Linux. 1722 community tracks and still counting…, powerful track editor, modding tool for cars and tracks – skins and hundreds of awesome tiles! Create your own tracks, share and compete with your friends or try to beat the highest ranked player. Not enough? Then take your creativity to the next level … Read More

Homepage Update

Hi there, we finally found some time to update our homepage. In the coming days the current projects will be added to our brand new Projects Page Also some of the old stuff may not work but we are working on that as well. Enjoy browsing our new site! ~ Aesir Interactive

Our newest title “Tipp-Kick” will be revealed at the IFA 2014

Together with the EA Game “Need for Speed Most Wanted” Samsung is revealing our Game Tipp-Kick at the CityCube in Berlin on the latest SmartTV Series! Check it out at the IFA 2014 in Berlin. Samsung Blog News Tipp-Kick (powered by Samsung) was exklusively developed for Samsung Smart TVs. (Quad Core Chips, 1GB RAM). This is another step of our Roadmap … Read More

Tipp-Kick (Powered by Samsung) and developed by Aesir Interactive

Together with Samsung and Stargush Entertainment we created a promotional version of Tippkick for the newest generation of Smart TVs. The game is easy to understand and simple to play. Just use the new SmartControl of your SmartTV and try to score some goals in our Shoot-out-challenge. You got no SmartTv? oh dooh…Try The game can be played on … Read More

Race.a.bit Version 1.2

Experience the thrill of retro racing on crazy tracks in the very first social racer – completely in the style of 8 and 16-bit classics. Enjoy the reinterpretation of old-school gameplay in combination with perfect controls and the driving beats of unique artist Bit Shifter! Be creative: Race on self-designed tracks and share them with people all over the world! … Read More

Bullettime Racing

Overview Bullet Time Racing (short BTR) is a evolutionary racing game. An iterative track system allows you to start new tracks, upload them and share them with the community. But be aware: The tracks will change as other players drive them. The more iterations, the better and faster the tracks will be! Be creative – together You start with a … Read More

Race.a.bit Update Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of Race.a.bit is online. Enjoy our interpretation of the old good Micro Machines or Bleifuss Fun. A Performance boost, new editor improvements, a faster gameplay and hundreds of new maps :)! Have fun And yes! Thx a lot for all your comments on Steam Greenlight.


Now its official. We released our first game at the Apple Store. An Android version will be released soon! Experience the thrill of retro racing on crazy tracks in the very first social racer – completely in the style of 8 and 16-bit classics. Enjoy the reinterpretation of old-school gameplay in combination with perfect controls and the driving beats of … Read More

Congratualtions Volumerics!

What a great and successfull year for our friends from volumerics. Their new 3D Suite offers a whole bunch of fast and useful tools and all visitors from the FMX in Stuttgart were impressed. We wish you good luck and we’re sure you will reach some really big goals in the next months. This software is a MUST HAVE for … Read More

Congratualtions Reality Twist!

Congratulations to Reality Twist for their successful funding concerning the FilmFersehFond Bayern and their Rescue Simulation. Keep up your great work! We also got funded by the FilmFerrsehenFonds Bayern. So our next steps is to plan the game in more detail, do more research and answer the questions from the FFF.


We managed to get our first game done with the world biggest HTML5 developer for TV and Mobile Games from Munich Bavaria. GoFresh! Thx guys for your trust in us. The game is called KiWi and is a runner-game created in HTML5 for TV, Smartphones, old Smartphones, Playstation 3 Browser and everything else that supports HTML5. :=) We already played … Read More

New Partner!

We are very happy about our new partner we met at Game Connection 2012. We are developing a new racing game with some never seen new features for the AppStore and Google Play. Innovation meets retro and racing. So stay tuned for more updates and information. The estimated developing time is three months.

Aesir Interactive GmbH

Now it’s official! The Aesir Interactive GmbH was successfully founded. Give us some days to get done with the administration and all the other founding stuff. This will be a great year!!!  

Game Connection 2012

Last week we visited the Game Connection 2012 in Paris. The FFF Bavaria supported the event and sent Dr. Michaela Haberlander on the journey with us. Our friends from Mimimi Productions have managed to gather 15 different developers from Bavaria to represent the State and also created the new label Games Bavaria ( We met a lot of interesting people and were … Read More


Welcome to our new online presentation! You can visit the projects overview and download some of them for free or you can take a look at our team. There is also a cool timeline which shows everything we have done in a cool way. Feel free to contact us if you want us to make a game or shortfilm for … Read More