HeroZero Splashtime

2D Puzzle Game | Singleplayer | Released (iOS, Android) | 0+ Hero Zero Splashtime is a new fun free to play puzzle game from the makers of Hero Zero. As a full-time hero you deserve a relaxing bubble bath from time to time. But evil has no limits! Just as you jump into your bath tub after a day filled … Read More

Fruity Bubbles

Puzzlegame | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Feed the Kiwi with delicious fruits in this puzzle game to get the highest score.

Farm Faster

Puzzle Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV, Browser) | 0+ Harvest every fruit on the field before the little piggy has eaten all of them.

Flappy Kiwi

Arcade Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Adventure with the little Kiwi to collect all the hats.

Turtle Panic

Puzzle Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Bring every turtle into it’s nest in this tricky puzzle game.

Cupcake Imperium

Arcade Strategy | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | HTML5| 0+ Highlights Rich 3d graphics rendered with Unity3d, game completly done in HTML5 Free2Play Beat the global highscore and rank up Unlock up to 6 areas and a ton of Upgrades Random quests