Farm Faster


Puzzle Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV, Browser) | 0+ Harvest every fruit on the field before the little piggy has eaten all of them.

Turtle Panic


Puzzle Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Bring every turtle into it’s nest in this tricky puzzle game.

Fruity Bubbles


Puzzlegame | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Feed the Kiwi with delicious fruits in this puzzle game to get the highest score.

Flappy Kiwi


Arcade Game | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Adventure with the little Kiwi to collect all the hats.

Cupcake Imperium


Arcade Strategy | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | HTML5| 0+ Highlights Rich 3d graphics rendered with Unity3d, game completly done in HTML5 Free2Play Beat the global highscore and rank up Unlock up to 6 areas and a ton of Upgrades Random quests



Endless Runner | Singleplayer | Released (HbbTV) | 0+ Kiwi is a simple to play runner game for any browser. It is made in HTML 5 using the canvas. To play you simply use ‘space’ or touch the screen to swap gravity. The longer you play the faster it gets! Climb up the online highscore list and unlock achievements! Highlights … Read More