2D Top Down Racing | Singleplayer/ Challenges | Released (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) | 0+ Experience the thrill of retro racing on crazy tracks in the very first social racer – completely in the style of 8 and 16-bit classics. Enjoy the reinterpretation of old-school gameplay in combination with perfect controls and the driving beats of unique artist Bit … Read More

Leonhard Office Visualization

ArchViz | Singleplayer | Done (PC, VR, 360° Video Render) | Unreal Engine 4 Highlights High end realtime architectural visualization CAD (pCon Planner) to Unreal Engine conversion 360° YouTube ready walkthrough video export, mobile VR ready Realtime First Person VR

DB Realtime Visualization – Die 2. Stammstrecke

ArchViz | Singleplayer | Done (PC, Web) | Unity3d 4.6 Highlights High end realtime architectural visualization Recreation of 3 train stations: Hauptbahnhof, Marienhof, Ostbahnhof Automatic navigation system to travel to points of interest Point & click like touch and mouse controls Crowd simulation using different AI behaviours Train traffic system Living environment: Usable escalators and elevators, animated ads, …

Bullet Time Racing

Sandbox Racing | Singleplayer | Prototype (PC, iOS, Android) | 0+ Bullet Time Racing (short BTR) is a evolutionary racing game. An iterative track system allows you to start new tracks, upload them and share them with the community. But be aware: The tracks will change as other players drive them. The more iterations, the better and faster the tracks … Read More