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Our story

At Aesir Interactive we are digital enthusiasts who love gaming!
Every game that we release is well designed and full of passion. They are our love letters to all the movies, creative content and games that inspire us – regardless of whether it concerns our own IPs or applications that we develop for and with our clients.

Aesir Interactive is a renowned development studio based in Munich, Germany. A passionate team of more than 50 highly skilled designers, artists and programmers lay the foundation for captivating games and innovative interactive applications.

A strong team spirit, clear communication, coordinated workflows, strong partners and a professional agile project management are what makes for our successful products.

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  • Police Simulator – Patrol Officers (PS4 & 5, Xbox S/X)
  • Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch (Nintendo Switch, PS4 & 5, PC)
  • Police Simulator – Patrol Officers (PC)
  • VR Basejump Bodyflying for Jochen Schweizer (Oculus)
  • Moved to new office – big upgrade
  • Intellivision Skiing (Amico)
  • Helix – TSG Hoffenheim (PC)
  • World of Tanks VR (Hologate)
  • Windstorm – Ari’s Arrival (PC, PS4, Switch)
  • Das Boot VR Demise (Viveport)
  • Ostwind (PS4, Switch)
  • Ostwind (PC)
  • Subsiege (PC)
  • Turtle Panic (HbbTV)
  • Flappy Kiwi (HbbTV)
  • Race.a.bit (PC Version)
  • Bubble Shot (HbbTV)
  • Hero Zero Splashtime (iOS, Android)
  • Tipp-Kick (Samsung SmartTV)
  • Tipp-Kick Marketing
    Version (Samsung SmartTV)
  • Cupcake Imperium (HbbTV)
  • Bullet Time Racing
    Prototype (iOS, Android)
  • race.a.bit (iOS, Android)
  • Foundation of
    Aesir Interactive GmbH
  • Kiwi (HbbTV)
  • Foundation of
    Aesir Interactive GbR
  • “Submerge”
    tournament @GamesCom
  • “Der Wald” is shown at ITFS
  • “Der Wald” (music video)
  • Noahs Welt (Web)
  • Acronico, nomination
    “Gamesload Newcomer Award”
  • TU Battle Chess (PC)
  • Acronico (Flash)
  • Interplay Short Film
    (Siemens Healthcare Competition)
  • start as a student team


we create games
and we love it

we are located in Munich
the heart of Europe

we love to be healthy
we support our team

44 talented team members
from all around the globe

we are experts in Unreal
a great engine for our games

we love the Unity engine
the 2nd best thing in life


We are a registered developer for Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, we work with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR for our VR titles.


Game Publishers

Non-Game clients


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