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At Aesir we are using the power of game technology to help our business clients achieve diving into a truly interactive world. Therefore, we make use of Unreal Engine and Unity3d Engine powers to create stunning business applications. As we are mainly a game development company, we apply the theory of games on business software allowing us to come up with innovative user experience design never seen like this before in B2B applications. Whether it is VR or Desktop, Multi-user or single-user … we can get the job done!


Aesir Interactive is creating the future of interactive planning and developing new vehicles and products for the automobile industry.

Developed by Aesir Interactive for BMW Group, the application allows users to interact with vehicles, the environment and other users. Users can join the session from everywhere around the world, using a desktop or VR devices.

The interaction model allows users to move and interact with their hands freely and without an additional controller. Users can manipulate vehicles in real-time and evaluate the changes in the vehicles’ original dimensions. Even the driving experience can be tested.


We’ve done this project as a proof of concept for a German permium automobile company. The goal was to evaluate the usage of vertex animation point cloud data and bring it into a realtime engine. We used the power of Unreal Engine and achieved to load highly complex mesh and animation data during runtime running at 90FPS in a VR environment.

The data can be viewed in VR as well as in classical desktop mode. Multiple possibilities exist to interact with the loaded data like reducing the playback speed or visualizing different data read from the data set.

Done in collaboration with Rockodile


The car configurator consists of two parts: The VR mode for the client who potentially wants to buy a new (even not released) car and the salesman who can guide the client using a companion app.

While being in VR, you see your own hands and have an easy to use in-app menu where you can switch car paints, rims and other vehicle parts. Additionally, you can teleport to predefined hotspots to see the car from every angle. As a VR user, you can sit in and interact with the car or experience a ride through the city at night. The ride is accompanied by a visually stunning presentation of the vehicle’s features.

The project was done in collaboration with Fritz Stoiber Productions and RPC.


The goal of the visualization is to show off the new trainstations and especially be able to get a feeling how long one would need to get from one location to another. Therefore, we retopologized most of the CAD models to be realtime ready and implemented an easy to use, touch friendly, UI to navigate within the trainstations.

As a user one can navigate freely using point & click controls while seeing the path to some other location marked on the floor or let the AI overtake to automatically move along the path. Escalators and elevators are also included and fully functional.

For additional realism, a crowd simulation, animated advertisments and a train traffic system was added. People can walk around, buy a ticket, enter a train and leave a train. Each person has its own destination where he/she wants to go to even have a more realistic crowdy feeling while walking through the stations.




We’ve done a lot more than is visible on the page. Ranging from a small scale feasability study up to multi-year projects. As most of the projects are under strict NDA we also cannot share any more information.

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