Das Boot VR is a unique and state of the art VR experience for the Oculus Rift
and HTC Vive. Based on one of Germany’s most important and internationally
acclaimed movie “Das Boot”, the game lets you become a member of a
German U-boat crew during the World War II.

The feeling of claustrophobia and danger, that is natural to a metal coffin
filled with torpedoes, is simulated so intensely that some players reported
actual fear for their lives. The current state of the game contains a short
mission that stands for the whole vision. It was showcased on Gamescom
2017 and was well received with press, platform owners and publishers.


  • Experience the claustrophobic feeling in a submarine
  • For the very first time dive into the Das Boot in VR
  • Fluently play with high quality graphics at 90 FPS
  • Works on major desktop HMD’s

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