Console release announced!

Join Brighton’s police force

Get onboard the most successful Police Simulator of all time!

Start with walking shifts to cite violations and give out parking tickets, then work your way towards shouldering more responsibilities.

Become part of Brighton’s community, get to know your neighborhood and handle daily police duties to fight crime. Be tough, but fair: respect the law and gain experience during your shift to unlock more neighborhoods, districts and duties.


Early Access

So far, we have developed a game with all fundamental systems and architecture in place, and already filled the open world with a lot of content and features that you will surely enjoy. Now, let us go on the rest of this exciting journey together and extend, iterate, and improve this game!

Early Access Release

June 2021 – Releasing the first version to Early access.

Background Check

July 2021 – Enjoy all the new content – including the police computer, a new car and an additional district!

Nightshift with Friends Update

August 2021 – Multiplayer, Nightshifts, new Tools and fresh violations!

Operation Anti Drug Update

November 2021 – Illegal Graffiti Sprayers, Drug Dealers, a new District, and lots of other improvements!

Keys to the city update

January 2022 – Catch wallet thieves, help citizens, and go on Open Patrol to experience freedom like you’ve never seen before!

Holding cells update

April 2022 – Handcuff, escort and bring arrested suspects to the new holding cells yourself – experience Brighton like never before!

Traffic management update

July 2022 – Take control over traffic, try out ELS Modding, charge suspects for fleeing – and much more!


November 2022 – Out of early access and console release!


  • Traffic system that organically creates accidents, speeding vehicles, traffic jams and other traffic violations such as running a red light
  • Exploration of the first district and its neighborhoods
  • Various duties such as car accidents, parking regulations, emergency callouts, traffic violations, wanted people and roadblocks
  • Progression to unlock neighborhoods, cars and modes
  • Casual and Simulation game modes
  • Intuition System


  • Now available in Early Access – release soon
  • Console release announced