Shark City

“From rags to real estate – by any means necessary”. Buy, renovate and rent out buildings, sell them again and become the puppet master of the citizens of New York. Ruin your AI competitors and take over their buildings! Run down entire city districts, acquire them cheaply and finally sell them at a high profit. Try to get as much money out of your renters and lure them into your shops so they can pay you even more! Every single decision you make will echo through the city and affect the simulation.

Shark City focuses extensively on the management of real estate in the Big Apple with everything that comes with it. Based on the learnings and feedback from our prototype we can prove that the concept works and will keep players engaged in our complex management system. Every district holds its own unique challenges that make it memorable, like the traffic problem in Manhattan or illegal street vendors near Staten Island.

  • Genre

    Management/ Tycoon

  • Mode

    Single Player/ Multi Player

  • Status




Shark City will expand the beloved concept of hardcore simulation and management games with unique features like:

  • Barely legal and maybe shady capitalism
  • Sophisticated AI competitors
  • Realistic pre-built city with authentic flair like a trip to New York
  • Total expansion. Own the city!
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